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The New Leaf Network is a collaborative network working to help the Canadian Church discover new potential, with new conversations, new leaders and new initiatives. A variety of people from a variety of denominations have gathered together to see how a network of support can benefit everyone. The Network has Lead Team and an Advisory Team that curate networks of connection across Canada.

Lead Team

Jared Siebert
Jared SiebertIdea Leader
Jared Siebert, currently serves as the National Director for Church Development for the Free Methodist Church in Canada and author of Gutsy: (Mis)Adventures in Canadian Church Planting. His main responsibility is to prepare the denomination to respond to the massive cultural change that churches are facing. He accomplishes this through the planting of new kinds of churches and by developing sustained health and contextual conversations at the local church level designed to bring churches face to face with their mission.
Elle Pyke
Elle PykeProject Manager
Elle is the Program Manager at The New Leaf Network and a Lay Minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Elle has served on the board of number of organizations such as Women Powering Technology Global, TEDxWaterlooWomen and The Christian Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization. She loves spending time with friends and family, the great outdoors and all things New Leaf.
Amy Bratton
Amy BrattonContributing Editor
Amy Bratton is the Contributing Editor of the New Leaf Blog. She lives in Saskatoon, SK with her husband, Tim, and their two sons, Oswald and Ira. She is a lay leader at Riversdale Neighbours church and an online course facilitator with Rocky Mountain College in the area of Spiritual Formation. She writes and speaks about the history of Christian spirituality, with a focus on the early Methodist understanding of Christian maturity known as “perfect love.” Read more from her in her book Witnesses of Perfect Love: Narratives of Christian Perfection in Early Methodism.
Greg Langman
Greg LangmanOrganizational Connections and Development
Greg Langman serves part time as a pastor with Moose Jaw Alliance Church and with the rest of his time provides coaching, leader development, discernment and assessment for New Venture leaders and local church leadership teams across the country. He serves as a volunteer with the New Leaf Network as a member of the Lead Team, and works to create Organizational Connections and Development for New Leaf. He also provides Transformational Coaches training, Grip-Birkman Coaches training and helps us build the network with organizations and denominations.

Advisory Team

Dallas Friesen
Dallas FriesenAdvisory Team
Dallas Friesen resources churches and plants with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. He and his wife, Leanne, served together for over a decade at Mount Hamilton Baptist Church in the neighbourhood they continue to live in with their two children, Josiah and Lucy.
Jon Hand
Jon HandAdvisory Team
Jon is Site Lead Pastor for a multi-site church in southern Ontario called The Meeting House. In the Summer of 2015 Jon and his family moved here from their home in the US where they had been church planting for the previous 8 years. Jon serves on the Advisory Team for the New Leaf Network.

Coaching Team

Greg Langman
Greg LangmanCoaching Team
I love Transformational Coaching because I get to partner with people as they take the next steps God’s Spirit reveals for them.

Who I am? Hi there, my name is Greg Langman. I’m a follower of Jesus who is continuing to learn to live from my significance in Jesus rather than trying to find my significance in the things I do. I have been married to Linda since 1991 (you do the math) and I have three daughters, Alisha, Cara and Jenaya.

What I do? I serve part time as a pastor with Moose Jaw Alliance Church in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. How I ended up here from Southern Ontario is a long story but for now I’ll just say that following the leadings of God’s Spirit is always an adventure! With the rest of my time I provide coaching, leader development, discernment and assessment for New Venture leaders and local church leadership teams across the country. I’m a Sr. Certified Coach with Leadership Coaching Canada, a Birkman Certified Professional and a Grip-Birkman Trainer with over 25 years of church and denominational experience.

Traci-Lynn Burt
Traci-Lynn BurtCoaching Team
Helping others discover who God has called them to be while pursuing the purposes they were created for is my passion. My name is Traci-Lynn Burt and I am excited to journey into the world of transformational coaching with you.

Who am I? I am Christ’s Beloved, wife to Russ and mother to Nick, Matthew, Leah, and Katie. I am the Associate Director of Leadership Development with the Central Canadian District of the C&MA, the founder of Cornerstone Consulting Canada, a Sr. Certified Coach with Leadership Coaching Canada, a Birkman Certified Professional and a Grip-Birkman Trainer. I have served in the local church in both volunteer and professional roles for over 20 years.

What do I do? I love coming alongside individuals and non-profit organizations and empowering them with a deeper sense of their identity in Christ so that they can live out of that identity on mission with the Spirit. I love coaching others to live from their significance in Christ and to help them discover how that looks in their lives. I desire to equip His children to live from a Kingdom perspective, embracing and delighting in the journey together as one body with Christ as our head.

Jon Hand
Jon HandCoaching Team
Hey friends, my name is Jon Hand. I’m from the States and have been living in Canada since 2015. I’ve been married to Aimee for the last 19 years and we have three crazy and great children; Karis, Addy, and Cohen. I’m a third generation pastor and life-long student of ministry life. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of local church life and leadership. In the past ten years I’ve been a church planter, denominational leader, consultant to business leaders, pastor to pastors, and transformational coach to Christian leaders. Currently, I love working at a church called The Meeting House. I have the honour of giving overall leadership and development to our pastoral team.

I love coaching because it takes my hands off the controls and gives me the tools to help leaders discover what God is doing to grow and stretch them into the best version of themselves. I discovered what became transformational coaching after having a nervous breakdown and burn out while church planting in my mid-thirties. The pain of that season birthed my life’s vocational statement: In whatever context I am in God is calling me to challenge, equip, and guide Christian leaders to lead from their own transformation. I am excited to share my journey and the tools I’ve learned with you. We lead from our own transformation.

Jay Mowchenkow
Jay MowchenkowCoaching Team
Jay is on a journey of mid-life self-discovery, along with his wife, Marilou. After 25 years in pastoral ministry, Jay has begun investing in the shaping of leaders with his own unique philosophy of leadership – Shalom Leadership. Currently, that involves coaching church planters with the Free Methodist Church in Canada and New Leaf Network, mentoring and coaching pastors in mentoring through Radical Mentoring, and working on a book that captures the essence of what he means by “Shalom Leadership.”

New Leaf Core Values

The New Leaf Network is a collaboration of churches, denominations and individuals across Canada. We are centred around core values, with a focus on diversity. Read the blog series on the core values of the New Leaf Network.