Advent Reader 2019 – Welcome

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Tomorrow is the beginning of Advent. Here on the New Leaf Blog, we are going to be journeying through Advent together with writers from across Canada.  The New Leaf Network is a Canadian network spread across this northern country. We are people grappling with the reality of darkness

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Transformational Coaching: A Reflection

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For years in ministry I felt the anxious burden of trying to change people. On one level trying to change people gave me an unconscious high, like an adrenal hit, as people came to me, a Pastor, looking for advice on the complicated realities of their lives and ministry. On the other hand, I

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New Leaf Network Reflections

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New Leaf Network Reflections One of my favourite things about New Leaf, in it’s start-up phase, is how much and how fast things change. When we gathered our tiny little group together on December 8th, 2015, to start New Leaf (on January 1st, 2016) we had no road map of how to get here from

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New Life in this Soil

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This past week, the New Leaf Lead Team gathered to talk through strategy, direction and vision for 2018, and as we grasped for language to describe the unconventional work we find ourselves doing alongside the Canadian church, the metaphor behind the name New Leaf emerged as a helpful image. If you have been around

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Stories Birth More Stories

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Here at New Leaf, we find stories essential. We want to connect you to stories that you will find encouraging, and we want to know your story. Have you ever been in a conversation, telling a story and your conversation partner interrupts your story with a story of their own?

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Jared vs the Volcano

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The New Leaf Network is a dream I have been dreaming for quite some. It was born out of what I was seeing in Canada: the Holy Spirit up to something brand new in our towns and cities. For years, I have been watching my friends get caught up in that “brand new” only

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