We would like to introduce the New Leaf Arts Tour Network. We have been working on an idea to connect our network that is spread across Canada using the arts. Innovation and creation are marks of both the entrepreneurial spirit and the arts, and since creative people tend to hang around New Leaf we want to give artists among us a path across Canada to share their art with Network.

Our tours will travel through living rooms and backyards, possibly even churches, to give artists intimate venues to connect with people across Canada. The house concert model, where hosts open up their homes and artists bring their art – be it music, theatre, spoken word or something else – and together they create a wonderful evening of meaningful entertainment in our neighbourhoods. What the New Leaf tour network offers to artists is not only an audience but the chance for meaningful engagement with that audience. What the network offers to hosts is the chance to bring their networks and neighbourhood together to enjoy some art that offers the chance to engage not just consume.

What kind of artist is a New Leaf Artist?

  1. Canadian – New Leaf is looking to support artists who live and work here in Canada, creating art that reflects and engages with the breadth of the Canadian Context.
  2. Professional – New Leaf is looking to support people who have established themselves as professionals in their artistic discipline. This means they will meet at least one of the following criteria: 
    1. Have received professional training or acquired traditional knowledge.
    2. Have presented their work publically and been paid monetarily for their artistic work. 
    3. Hold membership in an organization representing their artistic activity and have received peer recognition in your artistic field (e.g. awards, reviews).
  3. Meaningfully Christian – New leaf is looking to support Christians who are Artists, not “Christian” Art. To put it another way, a New Leaf Artist is not someone who uses art as a tool to proselytize. Rather, a New Leaf Artist is a Christian who lives out their artistic vocation with an honesty and integrity that honours both their art and faith.
  4. Interested in Dialogue – Art can be a communal space in which we enter into dialogue, helping us to see things from a different point of view, cultivating empathy and broadening our understanding. The New Leaf Arts Network is looking for artists who are interested in presenting their art in a context where this dialogue is nurtured, inviting diverse people to engage with that art and its relationship to Christian faith.

If you would like to know more about sponsoring the New Leaf Arts Tour Network as a patron of the arts, email us at [email protected].

Inform me when the Arts Tour Network is in my area

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Our first Touring Artist is actor & playwright, Tim Bratton. Tim brings his show, My Little Plastic Jesus to Saskatchewan and Alberta in March 2020. More details to come…

“We all have baggage, mine just has a ‘Honk if you love Jesus’ bumper sticker on it.”

In this one-man living room show, Tim Bratton finds hilarity and heartache as he unpacks his upbringing in evangelical pop culture, examining its folly and redeeming its faith. Experience an insider’s quest to unravel his own existential crisis by deconstructing the culture he grew up in, with both satire and love. Part confession, part history lesson, part multimedia extravaganza, discover this surprisingly poignant coming of age story from a subculture that’s so little understood even as it impacts global politics and the perspectives of millions.

Visit MyLittlePlasticJesus.com for more information. Or contact [email protected] if you are interested hearing more about hosting a show on this tour.