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 Amy Bratton is the Contributing Editor of the New Leaf Blog. She lives in Saskatoon, SK with her husband, Tim, and their two sons, Oswald and Ira. She is a lay leader at Riversdale Neighbours church and an online course facilitator with Rocky Mountain College in the area of Spiritual Formation. She writes and speaks about the history of Christian spirituality, with a focus on the early Methodist understanding of Christian maturity known as “perfect love.” Read more from her in her book Witnesses of Perfect Love: Narratives of Christian Perfection in Early Methodism.

Stories Birth More Stories

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Here at New Leaf, we find stories essential. We want to connect you to stories that you will find encouraging, and we want to know your story. Have you ever been in a conversation, telling a story and your conversation partner interrupts your story with a story of their own?

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Nature vs Nurture

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My son is now 17 months old. When people meet him, they usually comment how much he looks like myself or my husband. Sometimes they note that he is actually quite a blend of the two of us. Whatever they observe, they know he belongs to us. Over the last year and a half, different

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Why Diversity?

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We launched the New Leaf Blog in April of this year, and so far we have had nine regular contributors write for us, while eight guest writers have shared their thoughts. If you have been following the blog, then you might be wondering why there have been so many different authors featured.

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Reflecting the Canadian Soul

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Welcome to the New Leaf blog! I mean that wholeheartedly, you are welcome here. The New Leaf blog is a place to reflect on the Canadian soul, and we will do our best to make this place welcoming, conversational, diverse, challenging, celebratory and reflective. In many ways, we don’t fully know what this collaboration of

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