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Church Planting in Relationship: Crestview & Geekdom House

By | 2018-04-25T00:39:35+00:00 April 25th, 2018|Blog, Canadian Culture, Church Planting, Stories, Theological reflection|

I’m a big geek. I play video games regularly, read comics every chance I get, and try to watch every sci-fi or fantasy movie as soon as they come out. So, when I heard about an organization called Geekdom House, I was very interested. Meeting Kyle Rudge and talking about his mission had me

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Death of a Triumphant Jesus

By | 2018-04-05T14:06:31+00:00 March 26th, 2018|Blog, Church, Lent, Palm Sunday, Theological reflection|

This post first appeared as “Death of a Triumphant Jesus” on Republished with permission. Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Often Palm Sunday is a joy-filled day Christians wave Palm Branches and celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as a victory of vision – a delightful moment when the world saw and celebrated

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By | 2017-12-29T13:15:47+00:00 December 22nd, 2017|Advent and Christmas, Blog, Canadian Culture, Theological reflection|

At a bible camp in 1978, I gave my heart to Jesus. It wasn’t because I learned how good he was or actually, anything about God. I just didn’t want to go to hell.  I was taught a hyper-Arminian view of God in those days. This view is summarized by this: if you sin and suddenly die, you will go straight to hell.  So my view of God

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A Hell of a Thing to Believe

By | 2017-09-15T12:51:55+00:00 September 15th, 2017|Blog, Theological reflection|

This blog post first appeared on Rumblings. Re-published with permission. Human beings spend a lot of time arguing about whether or not our beliefs are true. Even in these strange days where “I feel like” seems to have replaced “I think that” as the, ahem, ultimate trump card in a given dispute

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Welcoming the More Complex Woman, Part 2

By | 2017-08-24T13:50:46+00:00 September 1st, 2017|Blog, Women|

I finally broke down and attended my first women's retreat when I was about 27. I had been married for 2 years and figured, this is what older, married women do right? (Back then I used to think 27 was old). I was a woman, I really loved camping & being at the lake

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Welcoming the More Complex Woman, Part 1

By | 2017-09-12T13:16:32+00:00 August 25th, 2017|Blog, Women|

I think everyone has their awkward years growing up — that particular phase of angst, searching for personal identity, not feeling you like fit in or belong, making questionable fashion choices

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The Bees of Rainbow Falls

By | 2017-08-14T16:32:08+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Blog, Canadian Culture, Church Planting, Stories|

We are excited to celebrate the new book from New Leaf Podcast contributor, Preston Pouteaux. The Bees of Rainbow Fall is now available from a number of online sources. Visit for more information. Dr. Preston Pouteaux is a beekeeper, neighbourhood enthusiast, syndicated columnist, and pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere, Alberta.

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