Called in Different Directions

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Last summer I spent many of my evenings listening to the voices of the multivocational ministers that had agreed to participate in the Canadian Multivocational Ministry Project. I was working on transcribing recorded interviews to pass along to the research team for analysis. A few nights a week, after my 1-year-old son was in bed

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5 Questions Your Congregation Should be Asking in this Pandemic

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This blog post first appeared on Re-published with permission. How can what we measure encourage good practice? And, what are some aspects of our common life that are worth measuring that might encourage individual and community growth in the midst of these disorienting times? For whatever reason, church leaders have become

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Reimagining Out of a Church of Us Vs. Them

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This blog post is a reflection in response to the book The Church of Us vs. Them by David Fitch. Read Bernard Tam's book review here. Borrowing from Soren Kierkegaard titled book, Either/Or, I feel like I want to do a follow-up post on the review of The Church of Us Vs.

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The Tensions of Easter

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Here we are at the end of Lent and Holy Week. And, I don’t know about you, but this has been a very strange season. Just as a reminder. Ash Wednesday was about 6 weeks ago was on February 26th. At that time,

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Sitting in the Middle

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Has there been such a time as this, where the whole world is halted by an invisible force? School, businesses, sports events, entertainment and malls have all come to a close. There are so many fears, concerns and uncertainties. And yet the world has never been closer; globalization leads us into such a strange intimate

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In the Middle of it All

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This isn't what I intended to write.  I had it all planned out—really, I did. I was going to write about Jean Vanier, the Canadian philosopher and Catholic layperson who founded L'Arche, an intentional community where adults with intellectual disabilities could live alongside those without disabilities. In his theory and his praxis, Vanier shaped disability

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A Prayer for Containment

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When we are tempted to be fearful, teach us peace. When we are tempted to hoard, teach us generosity. When we want to look only to the wellbeing of our own family, teach us to expand our care.

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Taking Up An Iconic Life 

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“Go ahead,” my friend Ernie said to me, “choose any one you would like.” I looked down into the plastic container that he held in front of me while admiring the many small wooden crosses he had crafted.

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