What about Orpah? – Unsettling the Word excerpt

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This post is a portion of a contribution in Unsettling the Word: Biblical Experiments in Decolonization, edited by Steve Heinrichs with over 60 contributors and art by Jonathan Dyck. Contributions to Unsettling the Word offer re-visions of Biblical narrative and other create explorations of the Biblical narrative. From the introduction by editor Steve Heinrichs: "My

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I’ve been thinking more and more about small lately. I’ve always liked a small party better than a large one - a party where one conversation involved everyone around a shared dinner table. A party small enough

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Micro-Neighbourliness: A Celebration of the Small

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Few things encourage me like seeing everyday people—with everyday jobs, commitments, and schedules—extending small acts of presence, hospitality, and creativity in their localities. This is, in part, why I’m compelled by the notion of micro-neighbourliness: the small,

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Thrive: A Book Review

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Today on the blog Aaron Gerrard reviews the book Thrive, by blog contributor, Rohadi Nagassar. Rohadi blogs at rohadi.com and you can read a taste of his book in his post: Can We Guarantee Church Plant Success? (and how to start a movement) While many in the church today lament the loss

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The First Move

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The point of the Lenten season is to prepare us spiritually for the events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. These three days are the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. They point us each year to the God

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Always Maybe

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God, it was awful.I don’t know if you were there, don’t know if you care or how you’d react if you were. As for me, let me just say it again to be clear: it’s nothing if not an awful, God-forsaken mess.

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A Letter to My People

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I write this with tears because I’m so grieved. I’m heartbroken. I can’t fully explain it but it feels like there are a million pounds of pressure on my chest and I’m having a hard time breathing. The weight of your stubbornness is going to kill me but it’s going to destroy you.

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The Denial of Death

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One of the more soothing therapies my wife and I have turned to in an effort to survive this particularly brutal winter is Netflix. In recent weeks it’s not been uncommon for our days to wind down in front of a roaring fireplace,

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