Welcome to Cypher Church, the church for the outsiders….

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Calgary is home to one of the largest metro populations of religious “nones” in the country. Over a 1/3 of the population would check the box, “no religious affiliation” when asked. The contemporary church, rooted in Christendom, struggles to connect with the emerging majority demographic. It’s here where we decided to immerse a church with intention knowing full well we had few answers coming in. First off, who’s we?

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Permaculture Church Planting

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At some point in my undergraduate years I stumbled onto the idea of Permaculture, which is “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around… utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” I was fascinated and intrigued by this way of organizing society – and of gardening. In the basement stacks

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My Radical Little Church

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I’ve been ruminating on this post for a while now, and I’m still not sure I’m quite ready to express all that my heart is feeling.  But soon other things will be upon us, as happens in normal church life, and I realize that before long the radical thing that just happened in my little church will be so normal

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Church Planting in Relationship: Crestview & Geekdom House

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I’m a big geek. I play video games regularly, read comics every chance I get, and try to watch every sci-fi or fantasy movie as soon as they come out. So, when I heard about an organization called Geekdom House, I was very interested. Meeting Kyle Rudge and talking about his mission had me

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Decolonizing Church: A Weeping

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Read Andrew's earlier post on "Decolonizing Church" here Weeping. Confession. Resistance. This is the only way forward for a church in need of decolonization. In late September of 2013, I found myself in a large display hall at Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition. Thousands upon thousands were gathered for the Truth and

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Building Multi-Ethnic Churches in Canada

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See part 1 of the conversation as Rohadi asks "Do Canadian Churches Ignore Racism?" This post was written prior to the Gerald Stanley verdict, following which racist attitudes reared its ugly head in our country once again. Perhaps it's a good thing. We have difficulty as Canadians acknowledging our deeply seated presuppositions predicated

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