Decolonizing Church

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A new year has begun. A new year, and a new opportunity to lament a church in decline. Each year, the lament grows louder as denominational leaders and local pastors anxiously demand to know why nobody wants to go to church anymore. I get it. I do. I am a part of a denomination in

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Embody Hope

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In my church planting efforts in Oshawa, Ontario, I’ve been confronted these last couple months with a mistake I made. A mistake that feels like it has the potential to derail our whole mission, if I were to allow it to fester. What, exactly, that mistake was is relevant, but not completely necessary for the

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At a bible camp in 1978, I gave my heart to Jesus. It wasn’t because I learned how good he was or actually, anything about God. I just didn’t want to go to hell.  I was taught a hyper-Arminian view of God in those days. This view is summarized by this: if you sin and suddenly die, you will go straight to hell.  So my view of God

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New Life in this Soil

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This past week, the New Leaf Lead Team gathered to talk through strategy, direction and vision for 2018, and as we grasped for language to describe the unconventional work we find ourselves doing alongside the Canadian church, the metaphor behind the name New Leaf emerged as a helpful image. If you have been around

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Red Threads and Invisible Women

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One of the common things that I hear when people talk to me about women being preachers, particularly among those new to the idea, is the statement: “I’ve never seen it.” Sometimes this is a statement meant to express a simple lack of experience, often said with regret. Other times it is meant to make a point – that if women were meant to have such a role, then surely, the argument goes, there would be more examples from history at the ready.

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Kurelek’s Christmas Visions of the Incarnation

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For years, while my children were growing up, I had a tradition of sitting down, sometime over Christmas, and reading to them from William Kurelek’s, A Northern Nativity: Christmas Dreams of a Prairie Boy (1976). I didn’t grow up on the prairies but have lived there

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The Gospel According to Vince Guaraldi

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The song “Linus and Lucy” made it’s television debut in 1965 as part of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Since then, the song has become one of the most recognizable tunes in the lexicon of popular jazz music and is now synonymous with Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts characters. People may recognize the religious significance of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special

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He is Enough

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I’m in my second year of church planting, and I have a 6-week old baby. I’m taking a short maternity leave, and this time away from work for a few months has been a gift, but it’s swiftly coming to an end. I’m simultaneously itching to get back to the daily

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