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New Leaf Network Reflections

March 12th, 2018|Comments Off on New Leaf Network Reflections

New Leaf Network Reflections One of my favourite things about New Leaf, in it’s start-up phase, is how much and how fast things change. When we gathered our tiny little group together on December 8th, 2015, to start New Leaf

Silence and White Privilege

February 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Silence and White Privilege

What I wish I had been told about white privilege growing up. Growing up I was oblivious to so many ways that I was privileged. I grew up with both of my parents and an older brother who loved and supported me. I was given opportunities to excel in school, and the possibility of further education after high school.

Core Values

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Thoughts On Lent and Dying

By | February 16th, 2018|

I always talk about following Jesus as the way to life, and I believe that deep down in my bones. I also know deep down in those same bones that the way to this life often starts with death – as annoying as that can be. The last couple of years of my life

Do Canadian Churches Ignore Racism?

By | February 12th, 2018|

I was looking at the lineup of a recent church conference and did a double take. I couldn’t help notice that of the 30 or so presenters, all but 2 were men. All of the men were white. This isn’t the only conference that has the same ratio, in fact, most do. Do you think this a problem?

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