The Café

Have you been working from home? Are you used to working in a coffee shop, or a busy office? Do you wish you could just sit down at a table and talk something through with a fellow planter, starter or missional practitioner? Join us Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 3pm (Eastern) in the New Leaf Café or a little co-working and some informal chances to connect with like-minded people from across Canada.

Use the form below to sign up for the information to enter the online Café.

Here are some ideas of how we share this online space together:

  • Treat this co-working space as a physical cafe in many ways. It is semi-public, semi-private.
  • Drop-in anytime to see who is around
  • We will set up “tables” for you to chat with people you encounter in the Café or people you plan to meet here, just ask the host when you arrive

New Leaf Café sign up

Sign up once for access to the New Leaf Café. We will send you the information to enter the virtual café.
  • Specific names are helpful