The Bees of Rainbow Falls

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We are excited to celebrate the new book from New Leaf Podcast contributor, Preston Pouteaux. The Bees of Rainbow Fall is now available from a number of online sources. Visit for more information. Dr. Preston Pouteaux is a beekeeper, neighbourhood enthusiast, syndicated columnist, and pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere, Alberta.

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Beauty, History and Reconciliation

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Last week my wife and I visited the National Gallery of Canada to wander through the new display, Canadian and Indigenous Art: From Time Immemorial to 1967. I'm always inspired to stand or sit in front of Tom Thomson's Jack Pine (below) or something by Emily Carr. This time I saw Yvonne McKague Housser's piece entitled Rossport, Lake Superior. I've seen it before but I was

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Taking responsibility for the sins of society

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I have a hard time admitting I’m wrong. I can’t help it. For some reason it feels cataclysmic. I often catch myself trying to avoid it at all costs. I have lied, I have deflected, and I have sidestepped responsibility in order to avoid owning my transgressions. I also happen to not be alone in

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Wonder Woman is my Hero

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Wonder Woman was fantastic. I had the pleasure of seeing it with a few lovely women, and at the end of it they were really excited to see a female hero kick butt and take names and were all pumped up. One of them said, “this must be what guys feel like when they watch

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Does Place Matter?

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What difference does your place make? As of this June, I completed my first year of work toward starting a new church in Oshawa, Ontario, which we've named Ecclesia. In this season, I find myself thinking and praying and speaking often

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