Canadian Bivocational Ministry Project – Research

A multi-denominational and multi-agency research project designed to better understand a wide variety of patterns of ministry which combine paid and unpaid leadership responsibilities in Canadian congregations (established or developing) for the purpose of better providing training and resources.

Bivocational ministry: Mission development or congregational leadership with a secondary focus on additional paid work which contributes financially and ideally complements the mission/ministry focus.

We are answering three questions:

  1. What are key features of the diverse expressions of bivocational ministry in Canada?
    1. What are challenges?
    2. What are opportunities?
  2. What are significant biblical and theological emphases to consider?
  3. How can promotion of the opportunities and resourcing of the challenges take place strategically?

The approach we are taking is founded in community-based research design. We are engaging bivocational leaders (and former bivocational leaders) in the design and analysis to optimize the relevance and increase the clarity. The goal is to analyze the results of 40 interviews which will answer the research questions from the perspective of a very diverse range of priests, ministers, pastors and missionaries in Canada. Their responses will provide insight into the challenges and opportunities generated by bivocational ministry and suggest ways in which resources can be fashioned to support them.

Timeline: Interviews are starting the summer of 2018 with analysis in the fall.

Call for Participants in the Canadian Bivocational Ministry Project

We have now closed our call for participants. Thank you for your interest in the project.

The findings of the Canadian Bivocational Ministry Project

We have entered the analysis stage of our research. We anticipate sharing our findings in live events in 2020.

If you are interested in booking the researchers from the Canadian Bivocational Ministry Project to share their findings with your network, denomination or students, please contact [email protected].

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