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I’ve been thinking more and more about small lately. I’ve always liked a small party better than a large one - a party where one conversation involved everyone around a shared dinner table. A party small enough

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Thrive: A Book Review

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Today on the blog Aaron Gerrard reviews the book Thrive, by blog contributor, Rohadi Nagassar. Rohadi blogs at and you can read a taste of his book in his post: Can We Guarantee Church Plant Success? (and how to start a movement) While many in the church today lament the loss

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A Narrative of Bridge Building

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We want to introduce you to the New Leaf Blog contributors by giving them a chance for them to share their story. Sharing today, Bernard Tam. It is often weird having to write about yourself; to paint a narrative that would best help others know who you are. If you know me well you

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Plesionology is theology’s long lost twin

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This post previously appeared on as Plesionology is theology’s long lost twin, and why it’s renewing my faith I have had a persistent nudge of curiosity that I simply cannot shake. Everytime I have breakfast with my neighbour Chris, or talk about gardening with Steve, or get together with our neighbours Colin

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Post-publication Reflections: The Soul of the City: Mapping the Spiritual Geography of Eleven Canadian Cities

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When I told a Church in the City class of Tyndale seminary students that I was given the challenge to write about Toronto for The Soul of the City, one of the Greater Toronto Area students became quite animated: “That’s impossible! The city is too big and diverse!” He was right. When I had sat

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Reflections on ReImagine 2018

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This year marks the first time that the Parish Collective has held a conference in Canada. Elle and yours truly were in attendance. We love people who are passionate and committed to their neighbourhoods. People who work hard to form communities that embody the gospel are our kind of people. If you’ve never been to

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