Free Methodists


Creativity, Discussion, Spiritual Conversation, The Arts


At Ecclesiax Church, we foster and practice a welcoming, engaging environment for spiritual growth in the Christian tradition.
We are called to pursue a life of beauty, freedom, goodness and truth. This means welcoming questions and encouraging dialogue to seek the heart of God together. We connect to God and to each other through studying the Bible, sharing in the Eucharist, and taking a creative approach to worship. While we seek to be strengthened by God to stand for justice and peace in the world, we are also humbled in our approach to God by our admission of collective brokenness.

Ecclesia means “called out people”. The “X” stands for Christ. As a community of people called out by God we seek to love and obey God’s teaching by firmly rooting ourselves in the good news Gospel of Christ and opening our imaginations to God’s creative Spirit.


2 Monk St
Ottawa, ON
Contact: Cam Montgomery
Email: [email protected]