Elevation Waterloo


Pentacostal Assemblies of Canada, Vision Ministries


A Culture of Thoughtful Spiritual Engagement, A Community of Authentic Belonging, An Active Belonging in the World Around Us.


Elevation Waterloo is a church in uptown Waterloo with many young families looking to be deeply engaged in their community and to foster a culture of communication where common ground and respect are more important than different beliefs. Elevation actively supports new Canadians and students, and a community rootedness through their relationship with The Embassy student church, community gardens, community feasts, housing initiatives, etc. They believe in journeying life together with a shared responsibility for our personal spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of the church as a whole.


Elevation meets on Sunday morning at 9:30AM


22 Willow St
Waterloo, ON
Contact: Brandon Malo
Email: [email protected]