Mill Crossing


United Brethren Church in Canada


Passion for Christ, Love for Others, Unity Among Diversity, God’s Word for Direction, Transformational Life


Miss Crossing believes in the importance of annointing and grace, and seeing lives changed over a period of several years, as people grow into continued Christ-Likeness. Mill Crossing places a value on disciple making relationships and being a presence in the community through programs such as ESL classes, and (where able) meeting the needs of local places also invested in the community (such as community centres). Mill Crossing also believes in working collectively for the Kingdom of God, and partnering with other churches, and choosing to practice rhythms that recognize the priesthood of all believers.

Meeting at 10:30AM on Sundays (Located beside Len's Mill Hespeler)
Office Hours are Tuesday-Friday 8-4
(519) 242-9291


211 Queen St W
Cambridge, ON
Contact: Elizabeth Cudney
Email: [email protected]