The Commons


Mennonite Church Canada


Justice, Hope, Beauty, Authenticity, Truth, Community, and Peace.


The Commons is an urban holistic Christian community that Lives, Works and Plays in the inner city neighbourhoods of Hamilton, Ontario. Quite simply, we are a community of people who are committed to making the Kingdom of God tangible in our neighbourhoods. We believe that people should be able to touch it, taste it, see it, sense it. We want to live the “Good News” wherever it is we find ourselves throughout the week. We seek to be part of the rhythms of our city, to be good neighbours, good friends, and good servants. The Commons gathers together Sunday nights at 6PM; Our weekly gatherings are often not very predictable; it could be electronic music one week and folks songs the next. We believe in community learning and embrace teaching through spiritual practices, discussion times and creativity.


128 Hughson Street North
Hamilton, ON
Contact: Randell Neudorf, 905-379-3717
Email: [email protected]