Nothing is Wasted

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Most of my work is done sitting in front of a computer, balanced out by chasing my two young boys around. But one day in September I got outside with my boys and I set out to do some harvesting in our yard. I was harvesting the compost we have been accumulating from our

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Digging it Up

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I walk regularly. I have a route through a provincial park close to my home that takes about an hour and I do this almost every day. About two-thirds of the way through my walk, the path goes up a small incline and at the top, the trees suddenly brea

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Learning and Leading Amidst Grief

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I have been surrounded by an uncommon amount of grief this month.  I’ve attended funerals in support of personal friends, I’ve officiated a memorial for my friend Jordon Cooper, and this week I even found myself caught up in the national grief over the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash.  The past month has afforded me a

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