We’re passionate about helping men and women start Jesus-centered communities of faith. We want to help planters join God’s mission of the renewal of all things, inviting people into compelling environments of shared life, radical discipleship, and courageous mission.

Given the ever-changing shifts in the Canadian landscape, we’ve built a process that doesn’t assume a “one-size fits all” approach to what an ideal church plant is. We believe that discerning and self-aware leaders need principles, attitudes and competencies to equip them to start new worshiping communities with contextually effective DNA. We create space for the Spirit to speak and for the willing planter to hear.

The New Leaf Design Shop has been developed over more than a decade, with a collective of Canadian leaders in continuous engagement with the frontiers of church planting. It is a 2- or 3-day workshop experience that is fast-moving, interactive and practical.

Who is the New Leaf Design Shop for?

The New Leaf Design Shop is led by practitioners, designed for practitioners. We equip planters with tools for the following:

  • Culture awareness – we equip you to identify and work among the cultures that make up your particular Canadian context.
  • Adaptation – we help you develop mindsets, resiliencies, and patterns of leadership that help you adapt to an ever changing Canadian landscape.
  • Clarity – we help you learn how to craft ideas, processes, and structures that are clear and shareable with other Canadians (including your core team).
  • Practical Realities – we equip you with practical tools and frameworks for every stage of your church plant’s development building communities on mission.
  • Hearing from God – we teach you how to hear from God and integrate what you hear into your leadership, your structure, and the culture your church plant lives out.

The Outline

The Design Shop process begins even before the workshop, with coaches walking planters through the process of developing a vision, doing research into their context, and drafting an initial set of guiding ideas.

Post-Design Shop follow up allows a coach to work through the relevant next steps for a planter, while being able to refer to the Design Shop toolkit to apply new approaches as the plant grows.

Value for Planters

  • We provide tools that a cultural explorer and ministry entrepreneur can use to understand their context and respond with Kingdom Good News.
  • Our unique approach to experimentation and learning sets the attitudinal framework to be resilient in the face of unpredictable results.
  • Initial application begins in session so planters experience basic competence with the tools and see how they integrate with their project and context.
  • Our highly relational interactive environment builds supportive relationships that last throughout the planting journey

Value for Coaches

  • We equip Coaches them to journey alongside their planters through all of the ups and downs of the journey by exposing them to the same content as planters,
  • Offering a pre- and post- coaching plan consultation & resourcing.
  • Online curriculum base for preparation and review.

Value for Denominational Leaders

  • Our unique insights into the Canadian context and the planting challenge will inform their own leadership efforts, and give them hope in the next generation of church planters & leaders.
  • Our unique approach to “failure” as prime learning opportunities predisposes planters to tackle more than one project. Experienced planters make the best coaches and recruiters as well as being the most effective planters.
  • Our unique approach to teaching means that none of what participants learn is lost: planters leave a Design Shop with new competence and confidence, and a plan to apply what they learned.

Here is what some of our participants have said:

“I am so glad this exists. I think back on the previous church planting workshop I attended and though I learned some good things, it was not as robust and comprehensive as what I received from you all. Thank you”

“The opportunity to present my ideas about my community especially helped me clarify my language around how I understand my context and where our new community of faith can fit in the middle of it.”

“Instead of a “church plant in a box” as the 80s and 90s tried to sell us, New Leaf brought us new rhythms. Not the HOW TO DO IT but WHAT TO DO TO REVEAL IT”

“I would highly recommend the new leaf design shop. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in leading into creative expressions of church”

“I value that this process has been created and is lead by those who have direct experience in starting new and innovative expressions of missional church. I felt community and connection with like-minded practitioners and valued that there were representations from different denominations across the Country”

How can you sign up?

Due to limitations in travel, our Fall 2020 Design Shop will take place online.

More information and registration link

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