New Leaf Design Shop

April 17 & 18


We will be holidng some online sessions in the coming weeks,
more details coming soon…

A New Leaf Design Shop is a 2 day interactive gathering of Church Planters from all stages (ie – thinking about considering, working toward a plant, about to plant, planted, etc…).

This is not your mother’s cookie cutter “10 Easy Steps to Planting a Church” kind of event. These events are action packed and uniquely Canadian. They encourage contextual thinking, culturally responsiveness, and mission adaptability.

If you are looking for help, a chance to think out your plan, and to hear life saving advice for the road ahead, these Design Shops are for you.


We will re-open registraion when we have new dates for the in person Design Shop

Email: [email protected] if you have questions

What is a New Leaf
Design Shop?


Online introduction: March 26th, 2020

Online coaching (optional): April 8th, 2020

Day 1 – 9-6:30pm
Registration – 8:30am
Session 1 – Developing Awareness
Session 2 – Understanding Culture
Session 3 – Timeline and Next Steps
Session 4 – Testing Your Ideas

Day 2 – 9-6:30pm
Session 5 – Theology of Change
Session 6- Managing, Measuring, Mutating
Session 7 – Telling Your Discipleship Story
Session 8 – Church Planting Post-Mortem
Session 9 – Tying Together the Loose Ends
Session 10 – Jesus as Pastor

Online follow up: May 27th, 2020