Join us in August to read together Why Would Anyone Go to Church?: A Young Community’s Quest to Reclaim Church for Good, the new book from our friend Kevin Makins. Kevin has been a friend to New Leaf for a long time, we are so excited to share his book and the story of his church plant with you.

About the book:

There are plenty of reasons to criticize, judge, and even walk away from the church. Many of us have been hurt and rejected. We may see church as insular and irrelevant. Despite this, Kevin Makins believes that the church still matters–perhaps more than ever.

When Kevin was 23 and didn’t know any better, he started a congregation with some friends who were on the edge of faith. Together they hoped to discover if the church was worth fighting for. In this brutally honest account, he shares their story of becoming a community of misfits, outcasts, and oddballs who would learn that, even with all its faults, the church is worth being a part of . . . and must be reclaimed for good.

If you’ve been burned or burned out by the church, if you’ve been silenced or misunderstood, if you’ve left or never even joined in the first place, this candid, hopeful book is your invitation to consider what you miss out on when you give up on church–and what the church misses out on when it gives up on you.


August 6th – Kevin will join us to share about the topic and about writing the book.
August 13th – we will discuss together the Prologue & chapters 1 – 4
August 2oth – we will discuss together chapters 5 – 8
August 27th – we will discuss together chapter 9 – 13

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