Church Plant Design Shop – Etobicoke, ON

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Church Plant Design Shop
Etobicoke, ON
January 26-27, 2018

Kingsview Free Methodist Church

15 Kingsview Blvd.
Etobicoke, ON


Registration will close at noon (EST) on Wednesday, January 24.

What is a Church Plant Design Shop?


Day 1 – 9-5pm
Registration – 8:30am
Session 1 – Developing Awareness
Session 2 – Understanding Culture
Session 3 – Timeline and Next Steps
Session 4 – Testing Your Ideas

Day 2 – 9-5pm
Session 5 – Theology of Change
Session 6- Managing, Measuring, Mutating
Session 7 – Telling Your Discipleship Story
Session 8 – Church Planting Post-Mortem
Session 9 – Tying Together the Loose Ends
Session 10 – Jesus as Pastor

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