Falling Forward: Starting with the Soul

Thursday, September 17th, 1:30pm (Eastern)
Online – in the New Leaf Learning Centre

How’s your soul these days? Weary? Deflated? Confused? With the Fall ministry season beginning again, so many leaders across the country have shared their minds are restless, hearts are depleted, and their bodies are tired…or, they feel it lurking on the horizon. We need to take care of whole selves – our soul is asking that we pay attention. We want to start our next series of Learning Centre sessions from a place of soul care and rest.

Come join Christa, who’ll offer us wisdom, insights and a contemplative experience to help you restore and refresh for the season ahead. You’ll gain some fresh insights, receive real-time support through a guided time of communal contemplative practice and connect with other Jesus-centered leaders.

Christa Hesselink
Christa has been guiding individuals and groups as they dig deeper into their spiritual life for her entire twenty year career, working in higher education, non-profit development, and church ministry. She is the founder of SoulPlay, and is a well-respected keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and retreat leader. Her focus content includes: transformation & vulnerability, the inner-life of an effective leader, contemplative spirituality, grief & loss, and soul care.  Christa is known for her strategic and collaborative approach to working with individuals and teams and her greatest satisfaction comes when designing compelling experiences for people to slow down so they can wake up to their own soul. She holds a Master’s of Leadership and a Master’s of Theology degree and has been named a “Hero of Children” from World Vision Canada. She is the Canadian best-selling author of Life’s Great Dare and the founder of the Love2Love Project which supports vulnerable children in multiple countries around the world. Christa is a certified coach, certified yoga instructor, and is training to become a spiritual director with the Haden Institute. She has completed the Enneagram Core Program with the Narrative Institute and continues to receive further training. Rooted in the Christian tradition, Christa has found deep meaning and hope, and enjoys companioning others who endeavour to deepen their connection to God – to Spirit, Source and Soul.

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