Falling Forward: Ministry in a Secular Age

Thursday, September 24th, 1:30pm (Eastern)
Online – in the New Leaf Learning Centre

As we enter a new chapter in the life of the church in Canada, there is vague sense of malaise, a deep knowing that we’re in uncharted territory and a sense we’re facing challenges the church seems ill equipped to handle. The revolution is indeed coming. How do we help those who no longer need a God encounter the living God in their lives?

Join us this Thursday for a Collective Learning Experience centered around the work of Charles Taylor as we wrestle with what ministry looks like in the secular age. We’ll discuss what it means to pastor in this climate, what faith formation looks like, and how to do ministry in this cultural moment. You’ll gain some fresh insights, and the opportunity to relationally work through these concepts with other Canadian leaders.

Bring your own insight into the work of Charles Taylor and join this conversation. If you haven’t encountered this thinking before, here are a few suggestions of where to start:

Podcasts that talk about Taylor and Root’s work on Ministry in the secular age
Faith Formation in a Secular Age with Andrew Root
Secular Pastors? Why Ministry in the Meaning Crisis Is So Difficult

YouTube video 
Professor Charles Taylor ~ What kind of religion makes sense in a secular age?

A Secular Age, by Charles Taylor
Faith Formation in a Secular Age, by Andrew Root
The Pastor in the Secular Age, by Andrew Root
How (Not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor, by James K.A. Smith 

Jared Siebert, is the founder of the New Leaf Network and currently serves as the National Director for Church Development for the Free Methodist Church in Canada and author of Gutsy: (Mis)Adventures in Canadian Church Planting.

Elle Pyke is the Program Manager at the New Leaf Network and a Lay Minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Elle has served on the board of a number of organizations such as Women Powering Technology GlobalTEDxWaterlooWomen and The Christian Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization.


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