Pre-Conference – Church Planting Canada Congress

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October 22, 2019

St. Jax Church, Montreal, PQ

In the midst of a shifting religious landscape, church planters, missional practitioners, neighbourhood catalysts and network leaders are on to something. Whether it’s faithful presence in a neighbourhood, micro-missional experiments or inter-denominational partnerships, Jesus-centred leaders are finding new life in exploring the possibilities of Networks and Neighbourhoods all across Canada.

Join us for a day of Canadian story-telling and learning around what God is up to in networks and neighbourhoods. We’re setting the table to hear from a variety of forward thinking leaders around what they are seeing, how they’re experimenting and what they’re learning. This is a collaborative learning party full of opportunities for questions, networking, and dialogue with those who are endevouring to create the future Church in Canada.

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Who should attend?

This conference is for Canadians who are interested in engaging their Networks and Neighbourhoods.

Cost: $40 with Church Planting Congress, $50 for pre-conference alone (lunch included)
When: Oct 22, 2019
Location: St Jax Montreal, 
1439 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal
About the Speakers - coming soon!
About the Speakers - coming soon!

We encourage you to register and stay for the full conference beyond our time on Tuesday!
Nous vous encourageons à vous inscrire et à partitiper à toute la conférence mardi !

Click for more information on the Church Planting Congress by Church Planting Canada.

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