Falling Forward:

Staying Open & Relational – Ministry at the Intersection of Theology and Practice

Thursday, October 8th, 1:30pm (Eastern)
Online – in the New Leaf Learning Centre

In these disorienting, yet opportunistic times, the church is not only presented with challenging and unique opportunities for innovation and implementation of new ministry initiatives, but also an occasion for deep theological reflection and (re)formation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the good, the bad and the ugly in Christian theology. In the midst of it all we are faced afresh with questions at the intersection of theology and missiology—How do we understand how God relates to the world during a pandemic? How does one form an engaged theological framework rooted in love? How do we pray during a pandemic?

Join us under the big theological tent of open & relational theology at next week’s New Leaf Learning Centre as Rev. Jason Tripp, pastor and open and relational theologian, facilitates a discussion at the intersection of theology and practice as part of our Falling Forward journey.

Jason Tripp lives in Sudbury with his beautiful wife Sylvie and their two energetic children Levi and Michaela. He is the Lead Pastor of Valleyview Community Church, an intergenerational, missional faith community exploring what faithfulness to Jesus looks like in post-Christian Canadian suburbia. Read his latest writing, Waking Up With Truman Burbank, posted on the New Leaf Blog.


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