Important Transformational Coaching Change for the fall of 2020

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions this fall we have decided to pivot towards an innovative online practical learning experience of Transformational Coaching.  It is our hope and desire to be able to offer the in-person retreat experience at our winter session in 2021. We believe the adjustments we’ve made for the fall will create an impactful learning experience given the uncertainties of this historical moment. 

Fall 2020 Session

October 1 – November 12, 1 pm Eastern time (online)

Online Practical Learning Experience: November 18-20 (online)

December 3 – online follow-up session

*Registration has been extended to September 20, 2020*

You’re Almost there!

We are so glad that you’ve clicked onto the registration page for Transformational Coaching!  Over 150 people have done this over the last few years and here is what a couple of them have said about their experience.

“Before starting Transformational Coaching, I thought I was pretty skilled at asking good thought-provoking questions. Turns out there is a lot more to coaching than just asking questions. Transformational Coaching pushed me as a coach and coachee to go beyond what I already knew, and to lean into the Holy Spirit to transform me as I am helping others to do the same.”Zach Hair, Sheridan Park Alliance Church

“I am so grateful to have participated in Transformational Coaching hosted and facilitated by Jon Hand, Greg Langman, and Traci-Lynn Burt.  This class has helped me learn and develop a new skill set to be able to equip others to take ownership of their faith, grow spiritually, and embrace God’s leading in their lives.  If you are looking to improve as a leader and want to help others move forward in life and faith I highly recommend you take this class.” – Jeremy Tyrrell, Lead Pastor at The Well BIC in Ft. Erie.

What to expect?

Each week during the 7 online training sessions you can expect to invest an average of 4.5 hrs per week in developing this skill.  This breakdown to 1.5 hours for the online training (week 3 will be 2 hours), approximately 1.5 hours completing the required readings and 1.5 hours engaging with your peer coaching partner via video. To maximize your learning and the learning of others in the learning community it will be important for you to schedule the needed time each week to do the work. 

It is vital that you come prepared to fully invest the time for your sake, the sake of others in the cohort, and ultimately the sake of the changed lives that result from the investments you will make.  Please do not invest in this experience if you cannot properly invest the time.

Course overview including the Practical Learning Experience

Week 1 (October 1) – Course Overview and TC Posture #1
Week 2 (October 8) – Coaching Approach Overview and TC Posture #2
Week 3 (October 15) – Full Coaching Demonstration followed by the Connect teaching and TC Posture #3(2 hours)
Week 4 (October 22) – Outcome Phase and TC Posture #4
Week 5 (October 29) – Awareness and TC Posture #5
Week 6 (November 5) – Course and TC Posture #6
Week 7 (November 12) – Highlight and TC Posture #7
Week 8 (November 18 – 20) – Peer Coaching in Triads online – two sessions, four choices:

November 18 – 9-12
November 19 – 9-12
November 19 – 1-4
November 20 – 9-12

Week 9 (December 3) – Follow Up and Affirmation Time during your regular online timeslot

Cost: $550

Included in this price are:

  • Eight 1.5 hour online training sessions by a minimum of 2 trainers.
  • Six hours of coaching practice supervised by a trainer – November 18 & 19
  • Regular coaching demonstrations
  • Weekly peer coaching practice
  • Seven Impactful Spiritual Postures and Practices to help you lead from your own transformation
  • A unique approach to coaching that equips you to partner with the Holy Spirit

Your additional costs will be your books.

Team Special Offer:

We have a Team Offer: For every full-price registration at a cost of $550 you can register another team member for only $410. That is 25% off the regular price.

Why are we doing this? We have seen that leaders who come with a team member to the training are more likely to implement coaching skills and a coaching culture into their ministries. Having someone else on your team who has taken the training will greatly enhance your ability to extend the value of the training into your ministry context.

Space is limited. Register a team today! On completion of your full-priced registration, you can receive a coupon code for the discounted team member. Instructions will be included in your confirmation email of the full price registration. If you have any questions about how to receive the discount, email [email protected]

Required Reading Material:


Registration for this session is now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]