Women | Men | Church: Thriving in a #MeToo World

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The last little while has marked a massive shift in the way that men and women relate to one another. How should the church navigate this shift? What is the pathway forward?

Join us November 17 as New Leaf hosts another safe space for dangerous conversations – men and women wrestling with the reality, embracing the opportunity, and seeking to thrive in a #MeToo world.

Local storytellers include: Leah Perrault, Keitha Ogbogu, Sonia Reid Nobel, Carissa Plett, Tim Bratton, Jay Mowchenko.

Refreshments by Vine & Table and Road Coffee.

Who should attend?

This day is for men and women who seek an honest conversation about how men and women relate to each other and the church.

Cost: $15 (includes good coffee and tasty treats)
Schedule: Saturday, November 17, 1pm – 5 pm
coffee mixer & registration noon-1:00
Location: College Park Covenant Church, Saskatoon, SK


The Example We Need In The #MeToo Era

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Last month the Nobel committee awarded their annual Peace Prize to Nadia Murad, a 25-year-old Yazidi activist, and Denis Mukwege, a doctor in the Democratic

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I’ve been ruminating on this post for a while now, and I’m still not sure I’m quite ready to express all that my heart is feeling.  But soon other things will be upon us, as happens in normal church life, and I realize that before long the radical thing that just happened in my little church will be so normal

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You know, for a girl, you can really preach. I normally don’t read books by girls but I read your book I never listen in while I’m running sound for these lady things but I listened this time and I thought you said a couple of great things!

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