Church Plant Design Shops

A Church Plant Design Shop is a 3 day interactive gathering of Church Planters from all stages (ie – thinking about considering, working toward a plant, about to plant, planted, etc…).

This is not your mother’s cookie cutter “10 Easy Steps to Planting a Church” kind of event. These events are action packed and uniquely Canadian. They encourage contextual thinking, culturally responsiveness, and mission adaptability.

If you are looking for help, a chance to think out your plan, and to hear life saving advice for the road ahead these Design Shops are for you.

Check our list of upcoming events to see if there are any happening near you.

Learning Parties

What exactly is a learning party?

It’s designed to be everything good about a conference without the usual rigamarole and much more fun and interactive.

Instead of charging hundreds of dollars for one ticket, it’s just $25 for registration and that includes coffee, snacks & lunch.

Instead of maxing out our capacity, we limit our numbers to create the best possible environment for conversations and connecting.

Instead of listening to message after message by “gurus” and being filled with information, our goal is for conversation and genuine connection with those who are walking paths similar to ours.

We want you and your story to join the party!

Our simple ask is that those who register for the gathering be willing to share their stories to spark conversation. For 10 minutes (or less) we want to hear from you. Your new expressions of kingdom community, re-imagined ways of creating in our culture, the moments where everything was perfect and the moments where it all fell apart. We need to hear from each other.

With three main sessions – listening, forming and innovating along with free flowing discussion groups, the goal is to connect with others as much as at it is to learn.

Check our list of upcoming events to see if there are any happening near you.

Instigator’s House Parties

What if there was a place for open, honest dialogue about faith?  Also, what if it was a party?

Instigator’s House Parties are a series of in-home discussion based events where like-minded Christians gather for open honest dialogue about faith.  They are a place to explore.  They are a place to be challenged.  They are a place to meet others.

Check our list of upcoming events to see if there are any happening near you.

Want to host your own?  Contact us.