The Learning Centre

Each week we will feature a new Canadian leader who has cleared a unique path in the new Canadian landscape. The Learning Centre will expose us to new ways of thinking and spark our imaginations and tune our hearts to the way that God is already at work in our country. More than ever, we need to learn from one another, encouraging fresh ideas and cheering one another on as we innovate. 

The Learning Centre has been going so well! We have loved hearing from people across Canada about how beneficial the content from our Canadian presenters has been. Check out the Resources page for video of the free events from April.

New Leaf Learning Centre uses a pay-what-you-choose model. There are two options, a monthly subscription or a one-session pass. For the monthly subscription, keep scrolling on this page. The one-session pass will be available on the session page each week. Follow the link on the session description below.

Monthly Subscription:
For those of you who are offering ongoing support and engagement with the New Leaf Network and would rather ‘set it and forget it’ we’ve created an easy monthly subscription model with a recurring credit card payment. Our subscription is pay-what-you-choose, with a suggested amount of $25/month. Can’t afford a subscription at this time? Use the coupon code: PandemicGrace to receive the subscription for absolutely free.

One-Session Pass:
For those of you who want to just want to check things out before signing up for a subscription, we offer the one-session pass. We are offering the one-session pass on us. If you would like to put something in the virtual tip jar, the suggested amount is $10/session.

*French translation is available for Learning Centre sessions. Please indicate on your registration form that you are a French speaker.*

Learning Centre Subscription:

  • The Learning Centre is a unique part of the Neighbourhood, with its regular curated learning opportunities and we’ll be putting out a pay-what-you-choose option, almost like a “virtual tip jar” so that if you’re financially able, you can support content creators, the emerging virtual neighbourhood and the New Leaf Network broadly. For those of you who would rather ‘set it and forget it’ we’ve created an easy subscription model you can utilize.
  • If you can’t make it to the interactive Learning Centre sessions but would like to view the sessions afterwards, sign up and you will receive access to the recordings of the Learning Centre sessions.
  • Like all of you, we are working hard to reorient ourselves to these new realities. We know that some of you can afford to become a New Leaf Learning Centre Subscriber, but if you can’t afford it right now, please don’t hesitate to still join us. Use the coupon code: PandemicGrace to receive a free subscription. (Simply enter any amount in the form and add the coupon code)
  • If you would like to help sponsor someone’s subscription to the Learning Centre, increase your payment amount to subsidize someone else’s learning. If you would like to gift a subscription or set up a number of subscriptions for a group, contact us, and we can work out the details together.