New Conversations – New Leaders – New Initiatives

New Conversations

creating a safe space for dangerous conversations

At New Leaf we are interested in conversations that relate to the church in the Canadian context. That is why we interview planters and starters on our podcast, and feature Canadian writers on our blog. In addition to those platforms we host conversations in person through our events. If you would like to host a New Leaf event, please contact us.

The New Leaf Project – Podcast

The New Leaf Project is a podcast that showcases the stories of Instigators and Innovators, Planters and Starters from across Canada. Hosts Elle Pyke and Jared Siebert, with the help of several contributing interviewers, share stories from across Canada. Stories of success and failure, joys and struggles, from a spectrum of movements that are quiet and small, or those that are larger. There is always an interesting Canadian story on the podcast.

The Latest Podcast Episode

New Leaf Blog – Reflecting the Canadian Soul

The New Leaf Blog is a space to reflect on the uniquely Canadian story through the eyes of faith. It is a collaborative blog, bringing various people and opinions together to think about the church, the shifting religious landscape of Canada, church planting, current Canadian issues and so much more. Please join the conversation!


The Nones: an Evolving Story of Secularity in Canada

As leaders in the Canadian church we know the religious landscape in Canada has changed. We feel it when we’re tasked with closing empty churches or when churches wrestle to find meaningful connection points with their neighbours. We even feel it with new and innovative church plants struggling to reach those with no previous church experience.

Come listen and learn together as we host a unique conversation introducing Canadian Churches to the evolving story of secularity in Canada. We’ll pay special attention to the rise of the Nones (those who are unaffiliated with any organized religion) and their unique impact on the religious landscape of Canada.

Contact us to bring The Nones & Dones to your region or network.

In the Company of Women: Reclaiming and Envisioning Shared Leadership in the Kingdom

In the very first sermon, the words of the prophet Joel outlined what the new humanity would look like. God was about to do something new. The Holy Spirit was to be poured out on ALL people. The implications of this was clear: young and old, male and female, slave and free, rich and poor, Jew and Gentile ALL had a role to play in what God was about to do.

Yet for many women in Canada, leadership in the church has been a difficult journey.  The beautiful picture painted by Joel hasn’t always been a reality. We’re ready to move the conversation forward from, “Should or can women lead in the church?” to “How do we continue to inspire, empower and support women in ministry and see shared leadership thrive in the Kingdom”

The health, future, and mission of the church has always been best served when ALL members are exercising their gifts. We need to move forward together in solidarity as men and women on mission here in Canada.

Come listen to the stories of women and men. Come hear about the joys, the challenges, and the spiritual power that is released when we live out shared leadership in the kingdom.

Contact us to bring In the Company of Women to your region or network.

Learning Parties

What exactly is a learning party?

It’s designed to be everything good about a conference without the usual rigamarole and much more fun and interactive. Instead of charging hundreds of dollars for one ticket, it’s just $25 for registration and that includes coffee, snacks & lunch. Instead of maxing out our capacity, we limit our numbers to create the best possible environment for conversations and connecting. Instead of listening to message after message by “gurus” and being filled with information, our goal is for conversation and genuine connection with those who are walking paths similar to ours.

We want you and your story to join the party!

Our simple ask is that those who register for the gathering be willing to share their stories to spark conversation. For 10 minutes (or less) we want to hear from you. Your new expressions of kingdom community, re-imagined ways of creating in our culture, the moments where everything was perfect and the moments where it all fell apart. We need to hear from each other.

With three main sessions – listening, forming and innovating along with free flowing discussion groups, the goal is to connect with others as much as at it is to learn.

Throw your own Learning Party!

Invite us to come to your town and let us help you create a local conversation on any topic you think your community would be interested in. Learning Parties are a great way to surface the cool stories around you. These parties are a great way to make friends and get inspired by the courageous Canadians around you.

Contact us to bring a Learning Party to your region or network!

New Leaders

Uncovering potential among leaders in the Canadian church

New Leaf is a supportive network that is interested in making way for new leaders in the Canadian Church to emerge with confidence to experiment and follow where the Spirit of God is leading. We aren’t scared of small, humble successes or even failure. In such a large country, we can’t afford to separate ourselves into smaller groups by interest or region, we need to work together, across various defining features, to be cheerleaders for new and innovative work in Canada.

Check our list of upcoming events to see if there are any happening near you.

New Leaf Design Shops

A New Leaf Design Shop is a 3 day interactive gathering of Church Planters from all stages (ie – thinking about considering, working toward a plant, about to plant, planted, etc…).

This is not your mother’s cookie cutter “10 Easy Steps to Planting a Church” kind of event. These events are action packed and uniquely Canadian. They encourage contextual thinking, culturally responsiveness, and mission adaptability.

If you are looking for help, a chance to think out your plan, and to hear life saving advice for the road ahead these Design Shops are for you.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching understands that we lead out of our own transformation. Therefore, this training experience addresses the posture of the coach and equips people with a blend of Spiritual Direction and Coaching skills. This approach is ideal for discipleship, leadership development, teaching self-awareness, and empowerment in gifts & passions. Transformational Coaches long to see others get from where they are to where God wants them to be. We will equip coaches through a 7-week online training course that is both experiential & practical and will conclude with a 2-day retreat.

New Initiatives

The Research & Development branch of New Leaf

Church Planting

At New Leaf we are committed to ongoing study of the new kinds of churches the Spirit in seeding into Canadian cities. We are interested in all types of new churches that are connecting to their context in meaningful and uniquely Canadian ways! In Canada, we don’t just need new churches, we need new kinds of churches.

Bivocational Research Project

There is an ongoing research project in bivocational ministry which is being conducted by a partnership of networks and organizations to better understand (and resource) people who provide leadership in churches and also have other employment. This research into the pressures and realities of bivocational life, in an effort to inform and resource those in bivocational ministry to help those who intentionally choose this complex employment to make healthier choices.


As we develop an holistic discernment process for Church Planters and others, we are spending time doing research about what already exists, the good and the less than ideal experiences of church planter assessments. A working group is developing the discernment process that will honour how the Holy Spirit is raising up leaders across Canada.