Join other Canadian starters, planters and missional practitioners  in  the New Leaf Virtual Neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood consists of three distinct parts: the Café, the Prayer Chapel, and the Learning Centre. Each place serves a unique function as we re-invent the future of the church in Canada together.

The Café 

Have you been working from home? Are you used to working in a coffee shop, or a busy office? Do you wish you could just sit down at a table and talk something through with a fellow planter, starter or missional practitioner? Join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 3pm eastern in the New Leaf Café for a little co-working and some informal chances to connect with like-minded people from across Canada.

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The Prayer Chapel 

Every Tuesday at 1pm (Eastern) we are calling our fellow Canadians to join us in prayer for each other, for our front-line workers, for our leaders, for our neighbours, and for our country. We’ll offer spiritual practices, resources and carve out time to hear one another’s needs. Now more than ever we need to connect each other with the Great Physician. If you or someone you know has experienced personal loss in this crisis join us. We want to pray for you and support you. 

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The Learning Centre

Each week we will feature a new Canadian leader who has cleared a unique path in the new Canadian landscape. The Learning Centre will expose us to new ways of thinking and spark our imaginations and tune our hearts to the way that God is already at work in our country. More than ever, we need to learn from one another, encouraging fresh ideas and cheering one another on as we innovate. 

We are making our first series of Learning Centre events in April free. We know times are tough out there. Lots of people are wondering how to make their way through all of this. So we wanted to provide some free resources, made for Canadians by Canadians, that can help you get your bearings and help you start moving forward.

The Learning Centre is a unique part of the Neighbourhood, with its regular curated learning opportunities are on a pay-what-you-choose basis, almost like a “virtual tip jar” so that if you’re financially able, you can support content creators, the emerging virtual neighbourhood and the New Leaf Network broadly. Like all of you, we are working hard to reorient ourselves to these new realities. We know that some of you can afford to become a New Leaf Learning Centre Subscriber, but if you can’t afford it right now, please don’t hesitate to still join us. Monthly subscriptions and one-session passes are both available.

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