Is it time to move on from cynicism? In episode 13, we explore the role that cynicism has played in our own lives and in the motivations behind a lot of modern church planting. Cynicism grows in the disconnect between the expectation and the reality of the church. We can get stuck searching the ashes for what was and now what should be.

Or, can cynicism be an expression of our longing for the redemption of all things? Our longing to live what we read about in the Bible? Isn’t it just being realistic about the sad state of the church? Another way of telling a deeper truth?

Since, cynicism has been the starter fluid for a lot new expressions of the body of Christ across Canada… can it really be all that bad? It can get things started but can it sustain them? At some point we need to move beyond cynicism and deconstruction to plant healthy churches in Canada. Or do we?