Doing something good for your city is what The New Leaf Network is all about and Rob Clark is certainty doing something good in his city. He’s bringing people together to talk about what they are most passionate about – entrepreneurship, creativity and their businesses.

Entrepreneurship and businesses have the potential to offer something good to the world. Especially innovators and companies who truly care about the work they are doing and making a difference. Often times, our current church model misses engaging innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives on Sunday mornings and Rob is working on energizing this group to be on mission in the city they live in for the sake of the gospel.

Rob gives us an inside look into where the idea for an innovator’s meetup came from and some ideas on how you could start one of your own. We would love to see people who are inspired by this idea start an Innovator’s Meetup in their city!



Show notes:

Link to Rob’s Vlog –¬†

Posted below is a video from Rob explaining to a friend how to setup an Innovator’s Meetup: