Ep 59 of the New Leaf Project is here!

In this episode, we present an interview originally featured on the Canadian Asian Missional Podcast. In this episode they ask what does it mean to be persecuted and suffer as we participate on God’s mission in our city and world? Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim talks about his experiences serving those in need in North Korea and his imprisonment as a result. How can we understand sharing with Christ’s experiences for our own lives? What does that mean for the freedom and privileges we do have as Canadian Asians? Check out this inspiring story! (Thanks to Lisa Pak for being the translator for this episode)

CAMP hosts Shu-Ling Lee, Bernard Tam, and Jon Nip discuss all things related to being both Canadian and Asian and joining God in His mission to renew and restore all things in this world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each episode examines specific issues surrounding this unique cultural and generational context and how to make a shift toward a more intentional and missional life in community as the church. To check out more please visit www.camppodcast.ca