Ep 60 of the podcast is here!

In this episode, we present a conversation with Jared, Pastor Keitha Ogbogu and Rev. Dr. Lennet J. Anderson. Lennett Anderson is the Senior Pastor of EBC: The MEETing Place, Upper Hammonds Plains, NS. Named by MacLean’s Magazine as “one of five Canadian Pastors who are breathing new life into their communities,” he has been identified as a source of inspiration and encouragement to many.  Since returning to his home church in 1999 Pastor Anderson’s leadership has led to the formation of a blended community of worshippers who meet to exemplify unity within the Body of Christ. Keitha is the lead pastor at Hampton Free Methodist Church in Saskatoon, SK. Born and raised in Ontario she found her way to Saskatoon in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

In this conversation Lennett tells Jared and Keitha about the history of black Nova Scotians who colonized a small community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, known as Africville. The full scope of this history is still coming to light, and these stories speak of a community dealing with the ramifications of systemic racism that still has impact today.