About the Author:

July 15, 2019

The Neighbourhood series continues… Rohadi Nagassar sits down with Evan Paul Spencer to talk about Evan’s trajectory from youth pastor to church planter to being intentionally present in a neighbourhood. Evan walks us through his process of embracing a place-focused, slow, faithful-presence way of living out faith.

Evan is based in the Calgary area and where he is a Neighbourhood Connector with Abundant Community Copperfield-Mahogany. He is a Jesus follower, husband, parent, dreamer, alongsider and activist—connecting dots in the neighbourhood!

Rohadi lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he balances his time in a number of vocations including part-time pastor of two church plants he started: Calgary Missional Church in 2008, and most recently, Cypher Church in 2016. He works predominantly in a marketing consulting firm he started in 2003, and contributes in the non-profit sector as well. He writes on the topics of church, culture, mission, and diversity. Find his website for additional blog posts: www.rohadi.com. He currently has two published books available: “Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom.” and “Soul Coats: Restoration – Adult Bible Colouring Book”.