Ep 67 – Neighbourhood series – James Kingsley and Steve MacDouell

Next up in the Neighbourhood series, Elle sits down with James Kingsley and Steve MacDouell from London, ON. In this episode they explore how they became interested in place, the concept of of neighbourhood-centric missiology and the mircro experiments they are working on with The Good City Co in their city.

Good City is “a collective of individuals who are actively participating in the exploration, understanding, development, and improvement of the urban environments in which they live. They specialize in building stronger, more connected communities by transforming ideas into action.”

James Kingsley is a graphic designer with a background in fine arts and works as a Creative Director. James’ love for communication finds him exploring the ways we spread ideas, foster connections, and become better neighbours. Asking what role aesthetics play in authentic community, James is interested in how the small things add up.

Steve MacDouell, when not teaching at Fanshawe College, instigates place-based projects, hosts workshops, and invites everyday citizens to leverage their time, their ideas, and their creativity for the sake of their neighbourhoods. Steve lives, conspires, and drinks coffee in Woodfield—a neighbourhood in Central London.

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