This week Elle has a conversation with Evan Garst and Alanna Johnson from Una Church in Kitchener Ontario. Evan shares his journey of growing up in a family dedicated to what many would consider a traditional missions model – living overseas in Ethiopia during his teen years – to planting a church, Una, that has said “yes” to the opportunities of being a presence-based, neighbourhood-focused church. We hear how the leadership team at Una intentionally shaped their messaging to encourage a shift in that direction and the opportunities, and challenges, that have come along with that shift. We also hear some stories of friends made along the way.

Evan is the pastor, missional catalyst and cultural architect in a community of Jesus followers in Kitchener, ON. He is also a church planting coach with the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Alanna is also part of the staff team at Una where she is responsible for the Creative Culture.

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