About the Author:

Elle Pyke
Elle is the Program Manager at the New Leaf Network and a Lay Minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Elle has served on the board of a number of organizations such as Women Powering Technology Global, TEDxWaterlooWomen and The Christian Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization.
October 11, 2016

Episode 22 of the New Leaf Project is here! This is part one of a three part series featuring talks from our Cultivate Learning Party that happened in the Spring of 2016.

Today’s episode features Dr Lee Beech, Professor at McMaster Divinity School. Lee shares with us about “The Generative Possibilities of Exile” The church in Canada at one time was at, or near, the center of Canadian culture. We know that is no longer the case and increasingly the church in Canada finds itself being moved to the margins. Lee explains that exile was actually a hopeful and generative experience for Israel and the same can be true for us.

For more reading check out Lee’s newest book: The Church in Exile – Living in Hope After Christendom



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