About the Author:

Elle Pyke
Elle is the Program Manager at the New Leaf Network and a Lay Minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Elle has served on the board of a number of organizations such as Women Powering Technology Global, TEDxWaterlooWomen and The Christian Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization.
October 31, 2016
Episode 25 of the New Leaf Project is here!
This week we talk with Jordon Cooper, the original founder of the Resonate movement in Canada. From 1999-2008, Resonate was a distinctly Canadian online conversation that connected churches and church leaders across the country. Resonate hosted conversations across the country called Resonate Greenhouses and helped foster a sense of shared experience with many planters and starters.
In this episode we talk about the story of Resonate, the early emergent movement in Canada, church planting in the late 90’s and the future of the church & theological training in Canada.