The New Leaf Project Podcast is back with a new season – The Neighbourhood Series.

We believe it is essential for communities of faith to recapture the idea of the local vocation if they want to see real community transformation. And the beautiful thing is, Canadians all across this country have already been doing this slow, faithful work of serving and loving the places they find themselves in.
Perhaps for you, considering what it means to take responsibility for your neighbourhood is a new idea. We want to inspire you think differently about the places you live, and the wisdom already alive in your neighbours, the gifts they have for us, as we share the beauty of the gift we’ve found in God.
We want to share their ideas, their innovations, the things they tried that worked, and the things that may have only for a season. We want to share the stories of community advocates, pastors, planters, starters and innovators who are experimenting, innovating, learning and loving all across Canada. Not somewhere over there, but right here, on Canadian soil.

These are stories of people about that work.

The first story is coming your way soon!