Ep20 – Church Plant Design Shop – Jared & Elle

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Ever wonder what "Church Plant Design Shop" are all about? In this episode Jared & Elle give us an inside look into where the idea for the design shop came from, who should attend & how this uniquely Canadian work can encourage contextual thinking, culturally responsiveness, and mission adaptability.

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Ep19 – Alpha as a church planting tool? – Graham Singh

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We had never thought of using Alpha for a church planting tool - until we talked with Graham Singh. In Episode 19, we talk with Graham, who serves at St James Montréal in a new church plant in one of Montréal's oldest historic church buildings. They are focused on creating conversations using Alpha, and Graham

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Ep18 – Kyle Rudge – Prejudices Against the Geek Community

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Geeks are often misunderstood. At best, parents worry that their kid's passionate pursuit of video games and geek culture does not constitute a life well lived. Aren't they just wasting their time? Isn't all that energy misspent? At worst, we secretly wonder if it all might be leading to somewhere darker. In this episode we

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Ep17 – Rob Clark – Innovator’s Meetup

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Doing something good for your city is what The New Leaf Network is all about and Rob Clark is certainty doing something good in his city. He's bringing people together to talk about what they are most passionate about - entrepreneurship, creativity and their businesses. Entrepreneurship and businesses have the potential to offer something good

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Ep16 – Jason Tripp – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Is innovation limited to only church plants or new expressions of mission? Or can established churches develop an innovation mindset? Jason Tripp, Pastor of Valleyview Community Church in Sudbury, alongside his congregation, is working to cultivate innovation in their neighborhood and city. In this episode we explore third places, drive in theaters, city wide partnerships,

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Ep15 – Rohadi’s Soul Coats

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  Why are so many grown adults colouring?  In this episode we talk to Rohadi Nagassar to get some answers and to hear the story behind his new colouring book "Soul Coats."  Rohadi is a church planter in Calgary and a part of the New Leaf Network.  We love what he has created and are really

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Ep14 – Making It Personal – Lynn Chotowetz

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If we want to see things change we need to make it personal. Headlines like "AIDS Crisis in Africa" or "Crisis Among at Risk Children" all too easy slip down the news feed without so much as a second thought. But if we are going to recover the mission here in Canada we have to

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Ep13 – Cynicism as Fuel for Church Planting?

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Is it time to move on from cynicism? In episode 13, we explore the role that cynicism has played in our own lives and in the motivations behind a lot of modern church planting. Cynicism grows in the disconnect between the expectation and the reality of the church. We can get stuck searching the ashes

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Ep12 – Marriage and Ministry

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  Many vocations place unique demands on your marriage.  Whether it's your life's work as a farmer, a surgeon, a member of the armed forces, or as an artist—each of these vocations will ask something of your marriage.  Your partnership AND your pursuit of your vocation will all have to adjust.  Maybe it will be

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Ep11 – Canada Needs Missionaries?

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  In this episode we talk with a group of Canadian church leaders about sending their first missionary to Canada.  Often when we think of missions and missionaries we imagine people working in some far flung place.  However, that's not what Todd Stelmach (Next Church, Kingston, ON), Al Doseger (Rustle, Kingston, ON) and Greg Elford (New Heights,

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