Ep13 – Cynicism as Fuel for Church Planting?

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Is it time to move on from cynicism? In episode 13, we explore the role that cynicism has played in our own lives and in the motivations behind a lot of modern church planting. Cynicism grows in the disconnect between the expectation and the reality of the church. We can get stuck searching the ashes

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Ep12 – Marriage and Ministry

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  Many vocations place unique demands on your marriage.  Whether it's your life's work as a farmer, a surgeon, a member of the armed forces, or as an artist—each of these vocations will ask something of your marriage.  Your partnership AND your pursuit of your vocation will all have to adjust.  Maybe it will be

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Ep11 – Canada Needs Missionaries?

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  In this episode we talk with a group of Canadian church leaders about sending their first missionary to Canada.  Often when we think of missions and missionaries we imagine people working in some far flung place.  However, that's not what Todd Stelmach (Next Church, Kingston, ON), Al Doseger (Rustle, Kingston, ON) and Greg Elford (New Heights,

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Ep10 – A Women’s Conference that Men Actually Go To

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What happens when you turn the mics on and let two New Leafers talk about Women in Ministry?  Answer:  Episode 10 of the New Leaf Project.  The topic of Women in Ministry is something that many of us in the New Leaf Network want to explore further.  Many of us believe that the future of Christianity in

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Ep009 – My Two Sons

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In this episode, I sit down with my two sons to get a sense of what it's like to grow up in and around church plants.  Both of my sons have been a part of church planting their entire lives.  I consider them to be experts in the field.  In more recent years, as a

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Ep008 – Kyle Rudge Origins

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  Kyle Rudge is the Commander of Geekdom House in Winnipeg.  Geekdom House is a community of dedicated fans of who love and serve the nerd and geek community.  The nerd and geek community is an immense, often overlooked, and rapidly growing sub-culture within Canadian culture.  That's what makes Geekdom House so important!  They write, podcast,

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Ep007 – Steve Tulloch

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In this episode we talk with Steve Tulloch, part owner of Seven Shores, a Community Cafe in Uptown Waterloo. He also serves as the Community Care Pastor at Elevation Church. We discuss the beginnings of Seven Shores, having a cafe owned by the community, the realities of business, hospitality + mission and intentionally separating the

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Ep006 – Joel Thiessen – Part 2

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It's time to do some thinking about how what an effective response to emerging sociological trends might look like for churches in Canada.  In this second part of our discussion with author and researcher Joel Thiessen, we get into what might work, what might not work, and some of the serious deliberations that leaders, planters

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Ep005 – Joel Thiessen – Part 1

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What is driving the evolution of churches and church attendance across Canada?  In this episode, we talk with Joel Thiessen, an author and academic researcher looking at exactly that question.  In the first of two parts, Joel shines a light on the sociological trends that have profound implications for existing churches and church plants across

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Ep004 – Graham Singh – Church Planting Canada

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In this episode we talk with the executive director of Church Planting Canada, Graham Singh.  He gives us an update on some of the very exciting things that Church Planting Canada is up to these days.  Not the least of which is the Canadian Buildings Conversation.  In the next number of years, thousands of churches are

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