The New Leaf Project is a podcast that shares the stories of Canadian Christians who are instigating new things, innovating in our post-modern Canadian context, planting new churches and starting missional minded conversations, conversations, and communities here in Canadian soil.

Canadian Christians have a story to tell, and we want to help tell it.

Ep24 – Learning Party Talks – “The Intersection of Startups & Church” – Elle Pyke

Episode 24 of the New Leaf Project is here! This is the third episode a three part series featuring talks from our Cultivate Learning Party that happened in the Spring of 2016. Do the names Twitter, Dropbox or Uber sound familiar? At one time each of these technology companies had their beginnings as a startup. […]


Ep22 – Learning Party Talks “Generative Possibilities of Exile” – Dr Lee Beech

Episode 22 of the New Leaf Project is here! This is part one of a three part series featuring talks from our Cultivate Learning Party that happened in the Spring of 2016. Today’s episode features Dr Lee Beech, Professor at McMaster Divinity School. Lee shares with us about “The Generative Possibilities of Exile” The church […]


Ep21 – The Upper Room – Scott and Brenda Eastveld

Church planting is not an easy task in the Canadian context. Some plants grow and thrive and others plants don’t survive. In every story there are lessons to be learned and encouragement to be found. At New Leaf, we want to tell the truth about church planting and highlight the good & the difficult. Episode […]


Ep19 – Alpha as a church planting tool? – Graham Singh

We had never thought of using Alpha for a church planting tool – until we talked with Graham Singh. In Episode 19, we talk with Graham, who serves at St James Montréal in a new church plant in one of Montréal’s oldest historic church buildings. They are focused on creating conversations using Alpha, and Graham […]


Ep18 – Kyle Rudge – Prejudices Against the Geek Community

Geeks are often misunderstood. At best, parents worry that their kid’s passionate pursuit of video games and geek culture does not constitute a life well lived. Aren’t they just wasting their time? Isn’t all that energy misspent? At worst, we secretly wonder if it all might be leading to somewhere darker. In this episode we […]


Ep17 – Rob Clark – Innovator’s Meetup

Doing something good for your city is what The New Leaf Network is all about and Rob Clark is certainty doing something good in his city. He’s bringing people together to talk about what they are most passionate about – entrepreneurship, creativity and their businesses. Entrepreneurship and businesses have the potential to offer something good […]


Ep16 – Jason Tripp – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Is innovation limited to only church plants or new expressions of mission? Or can established churches develop an innovation mindset? Jason Tripp, Pastor of Valleyview Community Church in Sudbury, alongside his congregation, is working to cultivate innovation in their neighborhood and city. In this episode we explore third places, drive in theaters, city wide partnerships, […]