Spring is on the Way

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It's been a busy few months in my household, and not in the ways I had anticipated. Rewind to the end of August. I was looking forward to teaching a new course, together with a good friend of mine, and my work was moving ahead well in several areas I care deeply about. I

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Thoughts On Lent and Dying

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I always talk about following Jesus as the way to life, and I believe that deep down in my bones. I also know deep down in those same bones that the way to this life often starts with death – as annoying as that can be. The last couple of years of my life

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He is Enough

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I’m in my second year of church planting, and I have a 6-week old baby. I’m taking a short maternity leave, and this time away from work for a few months has been a gift, but it’s swiftly coming to an end. I’m simultaneously itching to get back to the daily

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Sitting at My Neighbour’s Table

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My dad's grandmother was the embodiment of hospitality. She raised her family of thirteen children in the tiny farming community of Wicklow, New Brunswick. She had no washing machine, no dishwasher, no indoor plumbing. But that didn't stop her from creating a home marked by generosity.

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Don’t Let the Fear Control You

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Next week, New Leaf is putting on a pre-conference day about the religious landscape in Canada at a big Church Planting event in Montreal. It crossed my mind that one reality of my upcoming travel is that I probably won’t have to wait in line for the restroom like I usually do at big events. The mens room will likely be more crowded than the ladies room.

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A Silent Loss

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October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Loss and grief are hard subjects, and when that loss is intimate and hidden from view, like a miscarriage, it may not be an easy topic to talk about. More Canadian families have experienced this type of loss than any of us might realize, so the New Leaf blog would like to remember those empty arms and arching hearts with the contributions of two bloggers who have shared their journeys. Leah Perrault and Andrew Stephens-Rennie.

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Lessons From My “Quasi-Christian Maybe Agnostic Post-Evangelical Humanist” Friend

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About six months ago I was at a coffee shop waiting for my friend, Helen Mo, who was studying at The University of Toronto taking a PhD. in religious studies. Her focus was on the topic of the identity of the second generation Chinese Christians in Toronto. My friend’s study stems from her own journey as someone

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Calling Stories

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Some of my favourite moments in the Bible are when God calls someone to something big. I find a strange sort of comfort in how these stories play out. Jeremiah 1:4-10 shares an intimate moment between the prophet Jeremiah and God Himself, when God calls Jeremiah to do his difficult work of preaching bad news

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Come to the Table

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This blog post first appeared on Empire Remixed. Re-published with permission. I can see myself on that road It’s not all that hard It’s a road I’ve walked A thousand times Will walk a thousand times again Before I can walk no more And tonight, standing before you With you, amongst you I

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